The history of paella

29 Sep

The original paella was considered a poor man’s fare, and was usually made with a little bit of whatever was on hand. Today, it has become one of Spain’s most popular and best-loved dishes!

Paella takes its name from “paella” – the Valencian word for pan, and the meal takes its name from the dish in which it is cooked. “La Paella” is a circular and shallow pan with two round handles and a flat base traditionally made of iron.

During the centuries following the establishment of rice in Spain, the peasants of Valencia would use the paella pan to cook rice with readily available ingredients from the countryside: Tomatoes, Onions and Snails. On special occasions Rabbit or Duck might be included, and the better off could afford Chicken. Little by little this Valencian rice” became more widely known.  By the end of the nineteenth century “paella valenciana” had established itself.





Paella is really a Sunday dish eaten when the whole family is together. It is best cooked outside over an open wood fire and this is how it is often done. In Spain, grandmothers can still be found making it in the back garden for the family on a special occasion.

 My paella ready to be delivered.

 All paellas are from a 2 persons pan   to a 6 persons pan

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One Response to “The history of paella”

  1. Nancy van Die 29/09/2012 at 20:35 #

    Heerlijke paella, ruime porties, lekker gekruid met kip, gambas, garnalen, mosselen, chorizo, etc. Alle lekkere dingen die een paella moet hebben .Het was echt smullen. Beslist voor herhaling vatbaar.

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