Squid and Choritzo salad

19 Jul

Squid and Choritzo salad

Squid a delicious, healthy and inexpensive ingredient used all around the world . Many people are afraid of how to cook and prepare but if you follow my simple guide I’m sure you’ll cook it over and over again .
Squid Is best cooked in two ways , long and slow at a low temperature, or fast on a high heat like in the recipe that follows .
You can of course ask your fishmonger to prepare everything for you, but there’s nothing better or satisfying than doing it your self🍴🔪

Preparing Squid
Cleaning and preparing a squid is easier than you might think.
1. Pull the tentacles away from the body of the squid.



2. -Feel inside the body for the quill (it resembles a shard of plastic). Pull it out of the squid and discard.
-Rinse inside the body of the squid in cold water.

3. Pull the ears (wing-like flaps) from the body. Pull the purplish skin from the ears and body to leave only the white meat.


4. Cut the tentacles away from the guts by slicing just below the eyes. Check the centre of the tentacles for the hard beak, which can be discarded. (Discard the guts of the squid or, if desired, retain the ink sack to use in seafood pasta or risotto.)
5. Either slice the body of the squid into rings, or cut down one side of it, open it out, scrape away any traces of guts left inside the body, then score the inside lightly in a cross-hatch pattern.
-Dry off the squid before cooking.


Squid and Choritzo salad Recipe
Serves 4

400g dried chickpeas, soaked overnight , or a tin of ready soaked
600g prepared medium-sized squid

2 big handfuls of cherry tomatoes halved

I lemon
6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 medium-hot red chilli, seeded and thinly sliced across
3 garlic cloves, finely chopped




A small handful of flat-leaf parsley leaves, chopped
200g chorizo picante , cut across into thin slices
100g rocket leaves or watercress
1/2 teaspoon pimenton ( spanish smoked hot paprika powder )
Salt and coarsely ground black pepper



1. Drain the soaked chickpeas, put them into a pan and cover with fresh cold water. Bring to the boil and simmer until the skins begin to crack and they are tender – about 40 minutes – adding 1 teaspoon salt to the pan 5 minutes before the end of the cooking time. Drain and leave to cool.
2. prepare the squid as above
3. Stir the tomatoes into the chickpeas with the lemon juice, 4 tablespoons of the olive and some salt and pepper to taste.

4. Heat 2 tablespoons of the remaining olive oil in a large frying pan over a high heat.

5. Once at a high temperature ( the oil should start to smoke ) add the squid pieces, scored side facing upwards first (this will make them curl attractively), the chilli, garlic and the tentacles and sear for 30 seconds, then turn them over and sear for another 30 seconds until golden brown and caramelized. Season with salt and pepper


6. Throw in the chorizo and toss together over a high heat for a further minute. add parsley and pimenton toss all together.




7.Briefly toss the rocket leaves through the chickpea salad and spoon onto 1 large or 4 individual plates. Top with the sautéed squid and chorizo and serve.
Bon appetite !!!


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